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Imaginary Mountains // Aerial Festival // Sept 26th 2020

Imaginary Mountains is a 45-minute soundtrack to a walk in the wilds of another Cumbria. Combining music from acclaimed composer and music producer Michael Denny with a narrative from award-winning writer and editor Simon Sylvester, the soundscape is a continuous piece of music and spoken word that explores themes of loneliness, emptiness, departure, arrival and belonging.
The piece will be premiered on 26th September at aerialfestival.com

Mindfulness // calm

Michael worked with Calm CEO Michael Acton Smith to compose music for focus, relaxation and sleep culminating in the launch of the Calm Music, in December 2017 Calm was named Apple App of the year.  Michael recently released the album Aurora: Music for Relaxation and is currently working on a number of projects for clients worldwide.

Production music

Michael composes for a range of production music labels with tracks placed globally including Countryfile, Autumnwatch, The Voice Finland and Blue Peter.  Recent releases include 'Dark Wave Pop', 'Emotional Indie', ‘Cinematic Ambiences’, 'Frantic Indie', 'Mindfulness Soundscapes', alongside contributions including 'Tension Drones', 'Building Hybrid Pulses' 'Country Pop', 'Happy Ambient Christmas', 'Momentous Builds' and 'Paranormal Investigations'.
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