Michael Denny Music Composer and Music Producer

Here is a playlist of a selection of my latest tracks followed by a list of my music releases. If you have any queries regarding licensing and commissioning new work please email info@michaeldennymusic.com

Michael Denny - Solo Records

The Crossing : Single

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''The Crossing' and accompanying video were written and created on the Isle of Mull. The piece is in a contemporary cinematic style and the aim was to evoke the history, mystique and natural beauty of the island.

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Architecture : Single

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'Architecture' is the follow up single to the album 'Noir'. The track is inspired by brutalist architecture and draws on musical influences ranging from film and TV soundtracks to post-rock and neo-classical composers.

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Noir : Emotive Soundtracks

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'Noir' is part of Emotive Soundtracks, a collaboration with Olympic Gold Medal winning Dressage Composer Tom Hunt.

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We Still Have Hope : Single

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'We Still Have Hope' is a stand alone single released August 2018.

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Aurora : Music for Relaxation

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Aurora: Music for Relaxation is my latest album for mindfulness and follows the success of my music in the Calm app.
Artwork by
Stephen Mildwater.

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The Moment When You Realise EP

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The EP focuses on abstract atmospheres and textures and the resulting hypnotic ambiences are ideal for film and TV soundtracks as well as standing up in their own right. The custom artwork was created in collaboration with Katie Binley.

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Sound as a Weapon

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This album explores a number of themes and imagery influenced by a range of song titles and contexts collected from news articles, journals, films, books and TV. The album is intended as an experiential listen with the titles and their relationship with the audio subjective to the listener and open to individual interpretation.

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For Those Who Don't Believe EP

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The EP is inspired by the drug culture in professional cycling and the determination by a new generation of cyclists to clean up the sport. Musically the EP draws on influences ranging from a number of contemporary post-rock artists, film and TV scores and my love of instrumental music.


Library and Production Music

Emotional Indie

Stacks Image 483

Genuine, heartfelt indie tracks that conjure deep emotional reflection with moments of hope.

License: Future Pop

Cinematic Ambiences

Stacks Image 306

Emotive, cinematic atmospheres with piano, strings and subtle electronica. Beautiful, delicate and moving pieces.

License: Lovely Music

Mindfulness Soundscapes

Stacks Image 359

Cosmic peace and tranquility, beautifully produced.

License: Minim

Frantic Indie

Stacks Image 429

Boisterous, vibrant and edgy indie tunes with a sense of spirited sincerity and rebellion.

License: Future Pop

Lucky G

Stacks Image 395

A mixed portfolio of tracks released for license in collaboration with Lucky G.

License: Lucky G

Indie Underscores

Stacks Image 611

Beautifully atmospheric, dreamy and serene soundscapes oozing with delicate electric guitar textures, shimmering pad swells, piano and gentle beats.

License: Evolution Media Music

Building Hybrid Pulses

Stacks Image 537

Building pulse trailer underscores for instant tension and mystery.

License: Gothic Storm

Edgy British Indie Rock

Stacks Image 551

Edgy indie guitar rock tunes with a taut punk edge and British feel, full of youthful and determined spirit.

License: Lovely Music

Happy Ambient Christmas

Stacks Image 558

Gracefully textured ambient variations of classic festive melodies.

License: Minim

Momentous Builds

Stacks Image 397

Momentous emotional builds with anticipation of a major event.

License: Gothic Storm

80s Hero Pop

Stacks Image 373

Pulsing, vibrant and dramatic retro heroism in bounds through glistening synths and huge 80s beats.

License: Future Pop

Cute Droid Blips

Stacks Image 544

Cute, robotic companions that bleep in a variety of moods and tones.

License: Gothic Storm

Chilled Indie Pop

Stacks Image 577

Minimal tense drones that build with incredible intensity to terrifying climaxes.

License: Future Pop

Paranormal Investigations

Stacks Image 573

Is the creepy mansion truly haunted? Time for an infrared camera, psychic investigator and some very scared celebrities to find out.

License: Minim

Punk Rock Pop

Stacks Image 387

Exciting, fun and catchy pop-punk with massive energy and sincere tone.

License: Future Pop

Tension Drones

Stacks Image 471

Minimal tense drones that build with incredible intensity to terrifying climaxes.

License: Gothic Storm

Awful Musicians

Stacks Image 565

Worst library album ever! Idiot amateurs in the room or next door singing or playing instruments very badly - for comedy moments!

License: Lovely Music

Country Pop

Stacks Image 457

Warm, vibrant and uplifting country pop, with a cheery sense of tenderness and contentment.

License: Future Pop

Hard Punk Pop

Stacks Image 590

Attitude-filled, gritty rebellion and propulsive excitement, evoked from snarling guitars and pounding rhythm sections.

License: Future Pop

Retro Lo-Fi Pop

Stacks Image 617

Exciting, cool and sincere retro lo-fi pop that brims with confidence, poise and positivity.

License: Future Pop


MEDS - The Lost EP

Stacks Image 176

1. My Mistake
2. Outbreak
3. Sleepless
4. Lost Inside



Stacks Image 188

1. Antidote
2. Cluster A
3. Never Felt So Good

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Under the moniker MDM RMX I have remixed artists including Chvrches, Maximo Park, Nick Hodgson (Kaiser Chiefs), Bayley (The Open), Chapel Club and Tate.



Stacks Image 223

Becquerel is a side project which consists of drastically reworked indie covers in a minimalistic style, artists covered include Feeder, Royal Blood, Oasis and Placebo.


Salen Ghost Ships

Stacks Image 213

The debut Salen Ghost Ships EP 'Tomorrow We'll Be Gone' is a collaboration between me and my brother Simon. The tracks were written and recorded over a long weekend at a recording studio in Cardiff.


Tokyo Lost

Stacks Image 234

This is a compilation of all of the Tokyo Lost tracks released between 2009 and 2011. The band regularly featured on BBC Introducing and performed a live session on BBC Radio Tees hosted by Bob Fischer.