Top Tracks of 2018

In no particular order, here are my top ten tracks of 2018:

Olafur Arnalds - inconsist

This year saw Olafur Arnalds return with his latest album following on from his hugely successful soundtrack for Broadchurch. The singles ‘re:member’ and ‘saman’ set the tone for the record but it is on ‘inconsist’ where all the elements of Olafur trademark sound combine with his newer approaches.

She Makes War - Undone
I discovered this album when browsing records in Fopp and heard the album playing instore. I was hooked by the catchy, grungey lo-fi indie vibe. ‘Undone’ along with ‘London Bites’ being the standout tracks.

Mogwai - Flee
I saw Mogwai on the ‘Every Country’s Sun’ album tour early this year and the gig was one of the best I have ever been to. Alongside conventional albums Mogwai have continued to work on soundtracks, the latest for Kin, ‘Flee’ being my pick from this album.

The Pearl Hearts - Lost In Time

I saw The Pearl Hearts in Manchester in September and it was awesome to hear such a raw, riff driven 2 piece garage rock band. I picked up the vinyl at the gig and the surprise centrepiece for me was the downbeat ‘Lost In Time’.

Arctic Monkeys - Four out of Five
I have to be honest and say I didn’t quite ‘get’ the unexpected curveball ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino’ album from the Arctic Monkeys. I did however really enjoy the Bowie-esque and album highlight ‘Four out of Five’.

Jeremy Holland-Smith - Heat Engine
I discovered Jeremy through his 2017 soundtrack to ‘I Shot My Parents’ and this year he released a new EP combining electronic and classical elements to great effect, my pick of the bunch being ‘Heat Engine’.

Lane 8 - Atlas
‘Little By Little’ is one of those albums I have found myself returning to at numerous points throughout the year. ‘Their are a few I could have chosen, but ‘Atlas’ with its 4 on the floor kick and hypnotic arpeggiators which is the go to track.

Sewage Farm - Blue
Nine Black Alps main man Sam Forrest continues to release new material with his latest band Sewage Farm. ‘Blue’ is the lead track the EP if the same name and contains all the lo-fi charm of their previous releases.

Ruth Barrett - Despair
Bodyguard was one of the TV shows of the year, and the excellent soundtrack by Ruth Barrett was essential to the keeping us hooked and on the edge of our seats. ‘Despair’ is the track which for me captured the overall feeling felt by the lead character as he attempted to solve the carnage unfolding around him.

Editors - Violence
On their latest record Editors continued to channel a mix of indie and electronic influences. On ‘Violence’ this was hugely successful with a nod to the likes of Depeche Mood, New Order and some of their 00’s contemporaries including the likes of Interpol.

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